Daily Prompt: Being Magical!

Daily Prompt: You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

I am freedom. Whenever life becomes too much for me, I simply spread my wings and escape. I have to be careful though, in case I am spotted. When everyday life begins to choke me once in a while, I exit my garden through a little door in the fence and walk straight into the woods behind my house. Then, when I am positive no-one can see me, I transform my self into something new – not a bird nor a beast – just a creature. I have glorious black wings and feathers that cover every inch of my body, and when I turn my beak towards the breeze my whole being ripples like the leaves above me. Now I can take off; I stretch my colossal wings until I am triple my size in width, then soar upwards, away from everything normal and familiar. As the air rushes past my face, I climb higher and higher into the sky until only the clouds can see me – to anyone down below I will just appear to be a tiny speck of a bird in the distance. I turn into a black shadow moving against a sky streaked with impossible colours, and everything feels magical. For now, I can finally let go of everything. My abilities? I can fly of course; if I want to I am even able to freeze people just by staring at them. I like to think that I am looking out for the other people down there. Sometimes I like to terrify thieves so that they will never steal again – they are found in the morning in a drowsy state, sometimes surrounded by tiny pieces of thawing ice. Other days I enjoy swooping into dark alleyways where muggers lurk and carry them off to isolated islands until they have learnt their lesson.

One day, when my feathers were dappled with water droplets and I was squinting against the blare of the sun as it dipped behind the horizon, I could have sworn I saw Peter Pan laughing in the distance. Maybe one day I will even stumble across Neverland myself.


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