Daily Prompt: Being Heroic!

Daily Prompt: When you were five years old, who was your hero? What do you think of that person today?

Mona the Vampire

Do I have to say anymore? I always loved Mona when I was five, so much so that my mum even used to do my hair like hers, with lots of  little plaits all over my head. I also had two sets of ‘Mona the Vampire’ pyjamas, a few of the books and I always dressed up as her to fancy dress parties. I was a true fangirl! I think the reason I admired her so much was because of her incredible sense of adventure and her ability to solve everything – although I loved Fizz from ‘The Tweenies’, Mona was more of who I wanted to be! I wasn’t very girly as a child, and the thought of running around town defeating supernatural beings was my dream back then! Almost twelve years later, I would still happily sit down and watch an episode if it was ever broadcast again – she is still my heroine!



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