Daily Prompt: Being Hopeful!

Daily Prompt: Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.

For this one, I think I would have to say it was last year’s summer holiday to Cornwall. We never go abroad on holiday, (unless you count travelling to Scotland and Wales), and always go away in our caravan. As you might be able to imagine, the weather isn’t always perfect, and sometimes I do start to wish we were somewhere a bit sunnier and less rainy.


Lovely weather almost every day for once!

Last summer, we went to Cornwall for two weeks and spent one week in St. Ives and the second in St. Mawes. The second week was especially great, and even though it rained a couple of days, (which I expected anyway), the weather was mostly sunny and warm – woohoo! Just down the road from the caravan site there was a little lane, at the end of which was an overgrown, almost hidden path –  at the bottom, there was a small beach which we walked to most days because it looked like a little Mediterranean cove on the sunny days.


There were masses of huge rocks lining the shore and when the sea had gone out enough, we could climb onto them and jump into the blue pools below, (just like in the movies!) The only problem was that I have a small phobia of seaweed, so when I jumped in my younger sister ended up having to carry me around until I was definitely sure there was nothing underneath me! Even the water was warm – it was amazing!


I hate seaweed…



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