Daily Prompt: Being Blurby!

Daily Prompt: Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.

Found alone at the age of five with no recognition or acknowledgement of who she is or where she came from, a young girl is placed under the American care system and tries to adjust to life.

At the age of twelve, she makes a mistake.

Three years on, the now rebellious fifteen year old is fostered by Nathan – her mysterious English teacher.

Two years later, her life, secrets and mistakes begin to unravel themselves – and that is not necessarily a good thing.

Battling against the reality of her life, she must try to find a way to defend her own dark and wonderful secret against those who see it only as a monopolizing weapon of power. But that isn’t easy when most of the world seems to be against you…


6 responses to “Daily Prompt: Being Blurby!

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