Daily Prompt: Being Dreamy!

Daily Prompt: What is the best dream you’ve ever had? Recount it for us in all its ethereal glory. If no dream stands out in your memory, recount your worst nightmare. Leave no frightening detail out.

When I read this daily prompt I was so happy to finally have the chance to tell the world about a lucid dream I recently had, (for those of you who don’t know a lucid dream is one where you are aware that you are dreaming and you can even control what happens in it)! I even wrote it down!

I woke up from one dream and into another – I was lying in my bed so at this point I didn’t know I was still in a dream. I got out of bed, looked out of my window onto my street and thought to myself: “What would happen if I jumped out of this window?” Then I realised I could because I was in a dream!

Now the fun part starts…

I closed my eyes and imagined that my street had been replaced by rolling hills and countryside – when I opened my eyes it had worked! I stood on my window ledge and let myself fall. I closed my eyes as I did this and imagined that before I hit the ground I would soar upwards and into the sky – again, it worked! I flew through the air and everything was so realistic – I could feel the wind rush past my face and smell the dampness in the air.

I continued to fly and found a large house where I found my Mum, sister and a few women I didn’t recognise. I soared around over the hills in front of the house for a while but my sister kept running up to me. I landed and tried to imagine that I now had huge black feathered wings on my back, but my sister kept trying to talk to me – for those of you who have had lucid dreams you will know that it takes quite a bit of concentration to control it! So as my sister continued to pester me, I lost concentration and when I looked at the wings on my back, they fell off! (I know that sounds a bit sinister in real life but when your in a dream everything seems normal!)

I walked away from my sister, tried again and this time I managed to conjure up some amazing wings and flew around to the side of the house, where there was a tunnel of brambles and trees… if you can’t tell, it began to get a bit weirder from here on. I started to walk down the tunnel and everything got darker and more brambly and eventually I woke up – within another dream! My sister was playing a horror game on the computer –  and the game was taking place where I had previously been walking. I asked my sister if I was dreaming and she laughed, saying “No, of course you’re not!” Just to make sure I pinched myself but I still didn’t wake up. So obviously I thought I was awake…

Then I woke up in real life!

This dream was probably the most vivid I have ever had – as are many lucid dreams! And the feeling of flying felt so real… I would go through all that strange stuff at the end just to do it again!

Have any of you ever had a lucid dream?



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