Daily Prompt: Being Reminiscent!

Daily Prompt: What are the earliest memories of the place you lived in as a child? Describe your house. What did it look like? How did it smell? What did it sound like? Was it quiet like a library, or full of the noise of life? Tell us all about it, in as much detail as you can recall.

It was a detached house opposite a children’s play park and I always remember feeling special because it was the only cream-coloured house on our stretch of the street. It had a neatly trimmed hedge around the front and a couple of paving stones leading up to the door. Inside there was a small hall, toilet and stairs and then a double-wooden door leading into the living room, dining room and small kitchen. It was always fairly noisy but could be quiet too. From what I can vaguely remember it smelled faintly like furniture polish! One of the main things I remember about that house is that under the stairs, (in the living room), there was a small area where all the toys were kept in boxes and my sister and I used to lay them out on the carpet into the shape of a car and we just used to sit in it. We also had a metal rocking horse which we used to play on and pretend we were going into battle, wielding our plastic swords!

I also remember my own room when it was redecorated for the first time in my life – it was painted lilac and had a sliding mirror wardrobe on the far wall. One summer, we made parachutes out of plastic bags and one of us would drop our teddies out of the window and into the back garden whilst the other stood at the bottom and caught them – we were easily pleased!

We also had a sort of side garden which linked to the front one and my parents cut two semicircle shapes into the grass so that my sister and I could have our own miniature garden in each of them. One day, I was looking out the window and I saw smoke coming from one of the houses across the road. A fire engine drove round the corner and the crew started to talk to the owner of the house who was standing outside in just his underwear.

“Muum!” I shouted. “There’s a fire engine outside and a man in his pants!”

“Don’t be silly,” my mum said.

A few seconds later she looked out the window.

“Oh my gosh!” She half-laughed. “I thought you were joking!”



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