Daily Prompt: Being Memorable!

Daily Prompt: What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life? Go!

I am going to write only happy memories – because I like to think positivity is contagious! And although one of my memories should probably be my sister being born, the truth is I can’t really remember it as I was only four! So here we go…

  1. My first memorable moment is walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid at my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding. I was thirteen and it was my first time, (and last at the moment), being a bridesmaid for anyone. But it was in an idyllic setting – the wedding was held in a church in a pretty little town called Stockbridge, Hampshire, on a surprisingly sunny September afternoon. My sister and I were the bridesmaids along with a four year old also called Ruby. The three of us all wore matching lilac dresses that our Aunt had made for us and I was the chief Bridesmaid so had to lead the other two – something I found a bit nerve-racking! As my dad cycled the Rickshaw carrying my aunt up towards the church, (yes!), I felt the butterflies get all the more… fluttery. As the music started playing, we began to proceed up the aisle behind my aunt – and I felt so at home! Perhaps in ten years I’ll be the one getting hitched…
  2. Second is my last day of school, even though this was only a year ago. Never did I ever think I would cry. I imagined myself in a High School Musical situation, skipping out of the school gates singing ‘What time is it? Summertime!’ Oh how wrong I was. As I sat in the school hall with the rest if my class, we soon realised that our two tutors would be the first to give a goodbye speech to us. As we listened to our usually stern and unsympathising  male tutor stumbling over his words as his voiced cracked, and our female tutor downright sobbing to us about how we were like their second children, every girl in our row the school hall began to cry – yes, I was one of them. Once the heart breaking assembly was over, everyone spilled out into the playground and proceeded to hug everyone – even people who hadn’t exactly seen eye to eye were bawling into each others shoulders. Then, as we walked away and the school building grew smaller and smaller in the distance… we all bought fish and chips and played football in the park.
  3. Yes, these memories are all quite recent but they are the most memorable ones! The next one is my prom day. I got up at eight in the morning just to paint my nails – it does take that long for me! In the afternoon I had my hair and makeup done and it all added to the excitement – by the time I put my dress on I was raring to go! I walked around to my friends house, (with some difficulty in heels), and we had champagne and photographs, then we were picked up by a vintage car and driven around a bit until we were dropped off at the prom venue. It was great to see everyone again, (even if some people did act like they’d rather be at home), and even though it did typically rain, it was an amazing day!
Take me back to prom!

Take me back to prom!


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