Daily Prompt: Being Saved!

Daily Prompt: Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute.

When I was 14, our year group had this project to complete near the end of term called the Peace Prize. Basically, we had to get into groups and produce something in memory of the holocaust; it could be anything from a poem to a sculpture. My two friends and I decided that we wanted to do something that no-one else would do. So we went outside and walked past the school tennis courts where there was a small cluster of trees and decided that we would make a walkway through them, hanging information, striped pyjamas and other things in the trees -sort of like a museum but in a tiny wooded area.

We were very passionate about our project! Once we’d got permission from our head of year to so, we took some bin liners and started to clean up all the rubbish that had collected in the trees over the years. That itself took ages. Then, we brought in shears, shovels, hammers – you name it – into school and began to cut away the branches and weeds until we had made a pathway through the trees. This is where the ‘saved’ bit comes into the story…

Just behind our tutor room, there was a pile of rocks which had been left behind by builders a while ago. We decided that we would use them to line our walkway. So, not thinking anything of it, we took our hammers and started smashing these rocks into smaller, usable pieces. That’s when the head of upper year walked around the corner with another older man. Seeing them, I pulled my sleeve over the hammer I was holding and we tried to walk as discreetly as possible back towards the trees – but she saw us. She walked over to us and asked us what we were doing and we told her that we were just hanging up some information in the branches. I don’t think she bought it at all – and it just so happens that the man she was with was the health and safety inspector! We all stood there awkwardly whilst I tried not to look over at the shears that were leaning up against one of the trees, amongst the various other tools we had been using. Just then, a couple of boys in the tennis courts, (who were ironically playing football), started shouting and scuffling. And that was it. The head of upper year was distracted and walked away with the safety inspector behind her. Saved by the bell!

In the end, we even won the Peace Prize!


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