Daily Prompt: Being Repetitive!

Daily Prompt: Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favourite daily ritual?

I like having a routine. Its comfortable, and when that routine is broken it makes those days all the more exciting. Unfortunately, my daily ritual isn’t the most invigorating! In the week, I wake up at 6:40 and snooze until 7. I leave for college at 8:00 and arrive at around 8:50. On a full day, I walk and arrive home for about 5:00, then have some dinner before getting into my pyjamas, (woohoo!) I watch Hollyoaks for half an hour and then it usually depends on how I feel after this. Sometimes, I’ll be good and do revision or homework. Other times, I like to just sit on the laptop or watch another episode off one of many box sets! Of course, I also write these posts every evening! Then it’s nice to just go to bed, read and sleep!



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