Daily Prompt: Being Fictional!

Daily Prompt: Go down the rabbit hole with Alice; play quidditch with Harry Potter; float down the river with Huck Finn… If you could choose three fictional events or adventures to experience yourself, what would they be?

Ok, one of them is going to have to be from Harry Potter. Probably the Yule Ball, when Voldemort isn’t wielding his wand around and killing people.

Second would be the not very original tunnel scene from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, because it just sends shivers down my spine every time I think about it or watch it or read it. I just want to do it!

Finally I would love to experience the final dance in Footloose. And I wish I could dance like that. They all look so happy in this scene, both in the 1984 version and in the 2011 movie. I want to join in a big happy dance like that!



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