Daily Prompt: Being a Roadtripper!

Daily Prompt: ‘Tis the season for road trips — if time and money were out of the equation, what car-based adventure would you go on? (If you don’t or can’t drive, any land-based journey counts.)

A road trip along Route 66 will always be my dream in life – of course the only issue would be the money! But, as the prompt says, if time and money were out of the equation I would be one very happy person! I want to visit America anyway and the thought of cruising along Route 66 surrounded by beautiful scenery makes me so excited – I can imagine myself leaning out of the car window, hair whipping around my face, music to match the scene filling the air… hopefully one day it will happen!



4 responses to “Daily Prompt: Being a Roadtripper!

  1. mbjennings

    This is also what I’d imagined for an ideal road trip, except I’d only take the western part of the route, perhaps, for nostalgia’s sake!

  2. mbjennings

    My folks lived in New Mexico. I had to come over from Florida, so while I’m certainly American, the West was still a place of culture shock (and delight) to me. Funny, my family lived in England for just over a decade — Bristol for my dad’s residency and then near Lakenheath for his AF service. Where in England do you live?

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