Daily Prompt: Being Royal!

Daily Prompt: A second #RoyalBaby will soon be joining the Windsors in England. Given the choice, would you rather be heir to the throne, or the (probably) off-the-hook sibling?

I love the Royal Family – I just wouldn’t want to be part of it! There are so many expectations and judgemental views that you would have to be born into, with more or less no choice about any of it. I respect them all for this. I mean, what happens if you go to a nightclub? You get followed the whole night by photographers looking for the tiniest chance to shame you. I suppose if I had to choose, it would have to be the sibling – knowing that I’d be queen one day would scare me a bit! Besides, most people seem to love Prince Harry!

Oh, and here’s a fun fact – the Queen waved at me once when I was a toddler!


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