Daily Prompt: Being Festive!

Daily Prompt: Clothes and toys, recipes and jokes, advice and prejudice: we all have to handle all sorts of hand-me-downs every day. Tell us about some of the meaningful hand-me-downs in your life.

Two of them just happen to be Christmas decorations – not that surprising considering I absolutely love Christmas, (something I probably got from my Mum)! One of them is a tree decoration – a tiny stocking made from red velvet and gold thread. Since I can remember the stuffing inside it has always popped out the seams, and no amount of superglue can fix that! A couple of years ago when we were putting up the tree, my Mum took it out and said that she ought to throw it away. Of course, I ended up ‘adopting’ it and now it hangs from my mini Christmas tree in my bedroom, looking pretty! The second hand-me-down is a teeny tiny nativity inside a sort of clay bauble, all painted with bright colours and soo cute. When I say small, it’s about the size of a golf ball, with tiny hand painted figures standing inside. In fact, I don’t think my Mum even knows I’ve decided it’s mine –  but my time will come!

Now I’m feeling all festive!


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