Daily Prompt: Being a Story!

Daily Prompt: You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?

If I were in a room full of strangers I don’t think I’d be the type of person to tell them all my story… but fine, if I have to!

Once upon a time I was born in March 1997, on Red Nose Day, in Nottingham, England. The next three years were pretty uninteresting, until the year 2000 when my little sister was born. A few years later, (I don’t remember exactly when), we moved to the house I am living in now. Add two or three more years and a whippet called Toby was added to the family, (he’s still here!). Over all this time I did ballroom dancing, then Karate, then football, then played the trumpet – all while living in Nottingham! I left school, got good enough grades to get into a well-known college, did ok in my AS levels, hit a rocky patch, and here I am – studying for my A levels and still living in Nottingham! Oh, and I’ve only been abroad twice, (to Paris and Germany on school trips) – I travel mostly around the UK with my family in our caravan! This isn’t bad, but now I really want to discover places overseas!

And I think that’s about it! Not too interesting. Now, I’ll just slink into a corner away from these strangers…


2 responses to “Daily Prompt: Being a Story!

  1. this made me laugh. love the simplicity of your writing. I’ve visited Nottingham quite a few times and felt really at home in it. (lovely people). looking forward to hearing of your travels as I’m sure in time you will have many. 🙂

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