Daily Prompt: Being Scared!

Daily Prompt: Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

Last night I went to a girl’s eighteenth party. I arrived there with one of my friends and the party wasn’t really a party – in all honesty, it seemed like no-one had turned up. My other group of friends arrived and we just sat around a bit, had something to drink and waited for the party to start properly… and after about an hour, it did. Hundreds of teenagers started pouring out of the bushes for this party, and finally people started dancing. But still, three of my friends wanted to go home so left us, (there were three of us as well), to have a good time. The thing is, it didn’t really happen the way we planned. We were standing outside when all of a sudden the birthday girl’s dad started shouting and swearing at us, obviously drunk.                                                                                                                                                                                     “JUST LEAVE, JUST F****** LEAVE NOW” Everyone obviously wanted an explanation and he kept yelling that someone had smashed the toilet up. I asked him which toilet it was and he swore in my face. Anger was met by anger. Everyone started shouting back and the boys starting chanting at him, then he dad threatened to fight them. Bit scary. The security vans turned up and didn’t do much, but then the girl’s mum came out of the club and said that ‘the police were coming to arrest us all’ and that they had ‘all our faces on camera’. Arrest us for what? Waiting for our parents to pick us up?

It was certainly an interesting party!


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