Daily Prompt: Being Busy!

Daily Prompt: We all seem to insist on how busy, busy, busy we constantly are. Let’s put things in perspective: tell us about the craziest, busiest, most hectic day you’ve had in the past decade.

I don’t always insist that I am ‘busy, busy, busy’ – I think sometimes it just feels that way!

Let me think…it’s difficult to pinpoint the most hectic day I’ve had in the last decade but one definitely stands out. When McFly announced their tenth anniversary tour at the Royal Albert Hall in London, my friends and I scraped together some money and decided to go (of course, in our eyes it was essential that we went) – on a Friday evening. That Friday also happened to be a full day at college. So from eight o’clock in the morning until four in the afternoon, I was watching the clock impatiently as the end of the day approached. And when it did… well. We had to catch our train at five, still having to collect our tickets and meet our friend who was lost in the train station. Luckily, we made it with about a minute to spare. I suppose the actual journey was quite boring – nothing really happened – but as soon as we got off at St Pancras station we had to jog to arrive at the concert on time.

The actual performance was incredible.

That didn’t mean we weren’t absolutely shattered afterwards! We had to run for ten minutes to get to the underground on time and (suffocated by the joys of a tube) realised we had five minutes to catch our train. We ended up walking the wrong way at the station but somehow managed to hop on just as it was about to pull away. Honestly, it makes me stressed just thinking about it!


3 responses to “Daily Prompt: Being Busy!

  1. I have done that too…. you have brought out the stress quite well

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  3. The last 24 hours!!! I haven’t stopped working since I got up yesterday morning! I initially started with content creation for clients, and opted to spend my “personal time,” whatever that is… to update my own business site. I tend to get too busy writing guest blogs, or weekly posts for clients, that I can often forget about my own marketing… but NEVER my clients! 12 hours after starting all over, my beauty was complete! And it was right back to the articles and data entry for me….. with a minimum of … pushing for 4 articles to be completed yet before I can start on one of the 2 newest large projects I just accepted. ARGHHHHH!

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