Daily Prompt: Being a Storyteller!

Daily Prompt: What’s the best story someone else has recently told you (in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish — that’s how good stories become great, after all.

I can’t remember any exciting stories I’ve been told recently, so I’ll write about a story my mum has told me several times involving something which happened to her when she was at school!

I walked through the school gates on a Thursday morning. It was always the same – plough through the same tedious lessons before running to the stables at the end of the day to ride my horse. That was what I looked forward to every day. I managed to survive the first couple of lessons and make it to break time. As my friends chattered away around me I heard a cruel voice spit out my name behind me. I turned around to face her.

“What?” This particular bully didn’t so much scare me as irritate me every single day.

“Look at all this ginger hair!” I rolled my eyes as she said it and turned to walk away, but I felt my hair being pulled hard as the girl laughed at its seemingly hilarious colour. She kept pulling and tugging. I’d had it. I turned around and punched her square in the nose then carried on across the playground. The girl ran to one of the teachers standing nearby but he knew what she was like.

“Perhaps you brought it on yourself,” the teacher said, and smiled in my direction.



2 responses to “Daily Prompt: Being a Storyteller!

  1. You did right. I like your courage. I like it when my children do not allow the bullies to intimidate them. When the bullies are allowed to have their way they think they are smarter than others. They must be told they can’t do it and go free.

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