Daily Prompt: Being Lyrical!

Daily Prompt: You’re asked to recite a poem (or song lyrics) from memory — what’s the first one that comes to mind? Does it have a special meaning, or is there another reason it has stayed, intact, in your mind?

Op, op, op, op
Oppa Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style

Op, op, op, op
Oppa Gangnam Style

Eh, sexy lady
Op, op, op, op
Oppa Gangnam Style

Nope, you won’t find any meaningful lyrics in my head today! Just a k-pop tune. Today in my Teaching English as a Foreign Language lesson, we had to listen to the song and then arrange the lyrics in the order we heard them (to get a feel for what it is like for people listening to English songs). And… yep, I think that’s as deep as it gets!



14 responses to “Daily Prompt: Being Lyrical!

  1. Carter Vail

    Thanks for the smile this morning, loved your post!

  2. Tidlidim

    Would never have thought of this one, made me laugh out loud! (it’s my son’s favourite song, and he never hesitates getting his moves going in the middle of a crowded place!) Thanks!

  3. I love the music, but I do not know the meaning of the lyrics. LOL

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