Daily Prompt: Being Unsuspecting!

Daily Prompt: Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning. (Wildcard: you can swap any of the above for a good joke.)

He had no way of knowing what would happen to him that day. In fact, the morning had been pleasant – a glorious bright December sun had shone down, the air welcoming him with a crisp embrace as he walked out to his car. He had even nodded a rare ‘hello’ in the direction of his neighbours, much to their surprise.

Yet one phone call at around midday had sent everything into turmoil. One moment he had been enjoying his daily Starbucks peppermint latte, the next he was being hauled into a passing car which sped off into the distance, allowing little time to bang on the windows for help. He decided he would sit quietly and obey the instructions of his captors until an opportunity for escape presented itself. And he would not make it easy for them either – they had made him look quite undignified.

He contemplated the last few hours. What a day.



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