Daily Prompt: Being Old!

Daily Prompt: Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

The most challenging thing – the school work. The college work. Applying for a countless number of jobs and being rejected. But it’s not all bad!

The most rewarding thing – possibly getting good GCSE grades, although more recently I’m tempted to say passing my theory test. Hopefully I’ll have passed the practical soon!

The most fun thing – I’m changing this to ‘things’. All of the concerts and gigs I have been to. Going to Paris on a school trip and driving past Johnny Depp’s apartment. Taking part in a German exchange with school and walking to McDonalds at one in the morning. And we mustn’t forget the onesie parties!



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