Daily Prompt: Being Sorry!

Daily Prompt: If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

My purple iPod Nano has it the hardest out of any other object I own at the moment. I have had it for about six years now and whilst my friends seem to either be using their iPod Touches or iPhones to listen to their music, I can’t imagine myself without it. That said, I should probably slightly more careful with it. The amount of times I have had it resting on my lap and then stood up, causing it to plummet to the ground in a moment of pure horror, I have lost count. Sometimes the earphones save it, leaving its fate dangling in mid-air but most of the time it’s not that lucky. Call me weird, but I think its battle scars give it more character!



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