Daily Prompt: Being Loving!

Daily Prompt: You have to write a message to someone dear to you, telling that person how much he/she means to you. However — instead of words, you can only use 5-10 objects to convey your emotions. Which objects do you choose, and what do they mean?

A photo of the character Freddie Roscoe from the soap Hollyoaks – because he still reminds me of how much we make each other laugh (I printed off a lot of photos of him once and stuck them all around her room).

A stone off my shelf – because you love to collect them and you still give me the random ones that don’t fit on your shelves anymore.

A note written by you when you were about ten, reading “thank you for the toast, it was yummy. I love you lots” – because you posted this under my door after we argued and I brought toast up to your room – true love!

Our three teddies – Harry, Archie and Liam (this probably counts as three objects) – because we used to play with them for hours, take them on holiday and even took them swimming in the paddling pool. Even though we don’t play with them anymore, we still love them and they remind me of our childhood fun!

Finally, your old Power Rangers DVD – because we watched it not that long ago and realised how wonderfully awful it is! It also reminds me of your old obsession with Kira, the yellow power ranger…

Love you sister!



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