Daily Prompt: Being Inspirational!

Daily Prompt: Your blog just became a viral sensation. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by? Write that post.

At this particular moment in my life, I do not feel fulfilled. I am not as happy as I could be, I do not have a lot of money at all, I have failed to get a job despite countless efforts and applications and although I want to treat my parents with new clothes and trips away for all the things they have done for me, I can’t for these reasons. A girl who sat behind me in one of my lessons last year said, and I quote: “Your parents must be so disappointed if you’ve reached this stage in life and you haven’t got a job”. Well, that made me feel fantastic. But soon after, I realised something – I would rather be how I was now than be anything like her. I would rather feel grateful for one small gift than receive hundreds of presents each year and take them with little gratitude. I would rather dream about the places I want to visit in the future when I have earned the money myself and plan them all in my head. I enjoy the small things in life, like Lindor chocolate, salted caramel Yankee Candles and bunting, rather than only being pleased by a £37 Naked pallet from Urban Decay. For people similar to me out there – perhaps we’re happier than we thought.


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