Daily Prompt: Being Fiery!

Daily Prompt: Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

Firstly, Monty. He’s my teddy – half-bear, half-mouse I think. I’ve had him since birth so it only seems right. He’s survived being dropped and found in Boots before, so being rescued from a fiery blaze would just be another adventure for him.

Secondly, Harry. Yes, he’s another teddy – a brown bear. I made him at the Bear Factory (when it was called that) when I was about nine and can’t imagine my bed without him. He still has a box full of clothes, including a scuba diving outfit which has been used in the paddling pool before. Like Monty, he’s been on a lot of adventures!

Thirdly, I would grab my baby book. This one is quite self-explanatory. It has all the photos from my baby-hood taken before the time of digital cameras so if these burned, there would be no way of getting them back (sniff).

Fourthly, my Kindle Fire. It was an expensive birthday present and I wouldn’t like to see it burn.

Finally, my purse. This isn’t me being materialistic (there’s usually no money in it anyway) it’s just the thought of having to sort out and renew all of the damaged cards. I’m not quite sure how this would work, but I can imagine the process is a stressful one.

Who am I kidding – I’d grab everything I could carry!



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