Daily Prompt: Being Wasteful!

Daily Prompt: “Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

Waste of any kind is one of the issues I find most annoying in this world. In our house there simply is no waste. We usually eat everything but when we don’t, it goes in the fridge for another day. Even the grisly, inedible pieces of meat are cooked up and added to the dog’s dinner! I know in a lot of places this isn’t the case. My mum worked in a school kitchen and any surplus food had to go in the bin. If anyone took any of this home, they were liable to be sacked – which I find ridiculous. Everyday my mum would watch trays of untouched meals go in the bin, when they could be being eaten by someone who really needed it. Another time I was in a café in Cornwall and had to watch a table of friends leave about three-quarters of their food on their plates. Even the waitress looked disgusted by this waste – don’t order it if you’re not going to eat it!


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