Clay Cakes!


So today I thought I’d do another artsy and crafty post, because just recently I’ve begun to make charms out of polymer clay!

Do you know when you’re on YouTube and one video leads to another which leads to another and you end up being on something completely obscure and different to what you were first watching? Well, that happened to me and I ended up watching a video tutorial on how to make a blueberry cake out of polymer clay. I was overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all and how realistic the charm looked, and before I knew it I had watched about a hundred tutorials and had so much inspiration for making my own. So I went online and ordered some basic materials for making the charms, (mainly polymer clay!), and I made a couple of little clay cakes!

Chocolate & Strawberry Cake

Pink Birthday Cake

I’m not going to lie – I am very proud of my first attempts! They took so long but I think it was worth it in the end!