Daily Prompt: Being Adventurous!

Daily Prompt: Have you made your bucket list? Now’s the time — write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.

I’m not even sure myself right now! But I suppose this is my opportunity to dream and hope, and at some point I will hopefully have fulfilled them!

So here it is – sorry that it’s just a list; I just enjoy reading from bullet points on other people’s blogs so decided to do it myself. Plus, I’m very tired!

My Bucket List of Life:

Small Things:

  • Win a competition
  • Sell a piece of art work one way or another
  • Give something to a homeless person
  • Write down some recipes in that recipe book I’ve had for two years but not yet written in!
  • Go skinny dipping, (again)
  • Hold or stroke a bat, (the mammal, that is)
  • Go to a festival outside of Nottingham!
  • Stand on top of a mountain and sing ‘Let I Go’ as loud as I can
  • Go to the theatre
  • Be part of a flash mob

Medium Things:

  • Pass my driving test at some point in the very near future!
  • Get a part-time weekend or evening job, (which, as I’m sure I’ve said/ranted about in previous posts, I can’t seem to get at the moment!)
  • Find a guy to go on lots of adventures with, and who preferably appreciates McFly and Disney, (and me!)
  • Go on a holiday with all of my onesie friends before we all go our separate ways, (sob!)
  • Go to Germany, practice my speaking skills and visit my exchange partner again
  •  Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle whilst I’m there
  • Meet McFly again!

Big Things:

  • Go to university and study English Language then Journalism, (pretty straight-forward, I’m hoping!)
  • Become a journalist or writer soon after that and love it!
  • Buy a small house or apartment, refurbish it in my own special way then rent it out, (this one’s a little random, but hey, that’s what I want to do!)
  • Go on a trip around America and see all the sights, especially the Grand Canyon – perhaps a Route 66 road trip as well?
  • Get married, (hopefully with the same guy!) and wear the perfect red wedding dress I’m always looking for, (that sounded a bit obsessive… but it’s always nice to be prepared!)
  • Have a child or two, (not three!)
  • Buy my own house and make it as quirky, cute and cosy as I can!
  • Have an opportunity to do some travel writing
  • Be happy!