Daily Prompt: Being a Snail!

Daily Prompt:Write a post that includes dialogue between two people — other than you. (For more of a challenge, try three or more people.)

“Where will we go now?” The young creature questioned in a voice as timid as he looked. His eyes scanned the empty area which had been his home for the past year. At least after the last disaster anyway.

“We shall head off as the sun begins to rise,” the Chief replied in his authoritative boom of a voice. “It will not be without peril and we must remember that. We shall make our way towards our allies on the west side of this land and hope that they will welcome us into their camp.”

“But the west? That could take days!” Another little soldier piped up from the back of the clan.

“Indeed it will,” the Chief boomed. “But we shall make it! And do you know why? Because we are warriors!” The remainder of tribal paint from his racing days glinted threateningly in the sunlight.

“But how will we do it? The peril is too great!” The first creature cried.

“I agree!” Another voice shouted in fear.

The Chief extended his neck into the air and the whispers died down as they looked up to their admirable superior. “Do not bring yourselves down before we have even started, brave soldiers. Indeed, we will need to plan our route in advance. The vegetable patch will provide us with a great amount of stamina before we head off towards the rose bed. But we will succeed in our journey!”

A wave of positivity passed over the clan in excited and courageous whispers. The Chief continued.

“We will succeed! And you do know why! Because we survived the last disaster!  We made it just like thousands of other warriors in this garden. Will this be the last upturning of plant pots we ever witness? Of course not! Because we are SNAILS! And what do we do?”