Daily Prompt: Being Interrogated!

Daily Prompt: What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

“What’s the matter?”

Although I completely understand and appreciate that when people ask me this question, they usually are concerned (unless they just want to be nosey), I really hate to be asked it. First of all, I just have one of those faces – the ‘I’m happy on the inside’ face which I’m sure some of you also have. I can’t help looking sad a lot of the time and I don’t want to have to constantly smile to prove my internal happiness! Secondly, if I wanted to tell the person what my problem was, I would have done so in my own time and most of the time when something is actually wrong, I would rather keep it to myself! I’m a suffer-in-silence type of girl.

I’ve had this problem throughout most of my life; teachers have kept me behind to ask if anything was the matter; a friend was once convinced that I had an unhappy home life and invited me round to her house so that she and her mum could question me about it; sometimes even my family accuse me of being in a bad mood for no reason! Perhaps I should just permanently plaster a great big smile on my face? People mean well but sometimes it’s frustrating!