Daily Prompt: Being Intrepid!

Daily Prompt: What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

Well, I’m only so far into my life so I can’t say that I’ve had to take any life-changing chances so far…but I’m sure my time will come!

One time, my family and I went on a long walk whilst on holiday in the south coast, (in England). It wasn’t the flattest of walks, in fact, it was really quite hilly. So by the time we reached the beach signifying that we were close to the car park again, I was so relieved. That was, until, we realised the sea was coming in. And that would mean we would have to take the long route around – over two more hills. The time came for me to take a chance, even if it probably was irresponsible. I started jogging across the sand, my family close behind, dog at my heels. The wind rushed past me, the sea roaring in my ears. We were nearly there. I could see the car. Just one last stretch; we leapt over a cluster of rock pools and onto the remaining sand beyond, salty water almost lapping at our feet. And then… we arrived. The feeling of warm tarmac beneath my feet had never been so pleasant. I sunk into the sun-kissed backseat of the car, and sighed a breath of relief and success. I had taken a chance and it had worked out.