Daily Prompt: Being Taught!

Daily Prompt: What makes a teacher great?

After having quite a few ‘difficult’ teachers over the years, this prompt is definitely one for me!

  • Is passionate about the subject (instead of just counting down the seconds to retirement)
  • Is motivating
  • Adds variety to each lesson (instead of using exactly the same lesson plan as last month)
  • Tells the class how to write at the standard they should be (it’s taken two years for a teacher to explain to me how to write an A level essay in comparison to a GCSE one)
  • Cracks a joke or an anecdote now and again!
  • Is decent at explaining things
  • Sets homework that is actually relevant rather than wasting everyone’s time
  • Marks work properly (more than once I have spent hours writing an essay, only to receive it back with a few ticks)
  • (On the topic of marking) Doesn’t use peer assessment as an excuse not to mark the work themselves
  • Is fun!

To all you good teachers out there – I respect you!