Daily Prompt: Being Blue!

Daily Prompt: We all feel down from time to time. How do you combat the blues? What’s one tip you can share with others that always helps to lift your spirits?

Sometimes I listen to McFly. That usually helps!

When your down, and lost,
And you need a helping hand
When your down, and lost
Along the way
Oh, just tell yourself
Aaaaaaaaah, I’ll be OK

Honestly, this song was written to fight off the blues. And just know that it will be OK!

(And a hot chocolate won’t do any harm either)


Daily Prompt: Being Musical!

Daily Prompt: What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?

Growing up I had a huge variety of music to listen to – from Adam Ant to Stereophonics, Bon Jovi to the Kooks, the Killers to Maroon 5.

Has it had a huge effect on me? It’s given me a wider range of musical taste, and it means that I can show off my lyrical knowledge when no-one else knows the words!

But for saying that my absolute favourite band is McFly, I can’t say that I’ve been influenced that much!


Daily Prompt: Being Christmassy!

Daily Prompt: Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

Christmas Slippers


What is there not to love?

The family, the friends, the lights, the food, the presents, the winter, the excitement, the music, the leftovers, the tree, the tinsel, the angel, the reindeer, the sleigh… and Santa!

I’m absolutely sure that I’m not the only one who wants Christmas to end. In fact – ‘I wish it could be Christmas, every daaaay!’


Daily Prompt: Being Stubborn!

Daily Prompt: Are you stubborn as a grass stain or as easy going as a light breeze on a warm day? Tell us about the ways in which you’re stubborn — which issues make you dig your heels in and refuse to budge?

Usually, I am quite a laid-back person – I am that light breeze on a warm day. That is until someone decides to try and insult my taste in music. Then I am as stubborn as a grass stain – actually, make that a red wine stain.

What is it with people trying to turn you against your own music taste? Do they have none of their own? Most annoying is when you tell them that you don’t like their favourite band either – for some reason it’s different when the table’s turned! One time, out of the blue, a classmate told me her thoughts on McFly – the words ‘ugly’, ‘untalented’ and ‘boring’ were used. I refused to be deterred by this comment, (as I knew what she had said was untrue), but it annoyed me in a way that I can’t even describe. Just why?!


Daily Prompt: Being Impulsive!

Daily Prompt: Sometimes, we act on impulse: it could be something as small as ordering that special dessert on the menu, maybe asking out that cute boy or girl, or as large quitting your job and selling everything you own to become a shepherd in New Zealand. What’s the most crazy, outrageously impulsive thing you’ve ever done? If you’ve never succumbed to temptation, dream a little. If you gave yourself permission to go a little crazy, what would you do?

Ever watched ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’? Well, you know the tunnel scene and that beautiful but terribly overused line, “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite”?

If I could, and if I knew there was no chance of an accident, (or an arrest), and if one of my friends wouldn’t mind driving me, I would go out with a few people in the early hours of the morning and find a road tunnel which was lit up from the inside. I would turn up David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ to full blast and as we drove closer and closer towards the end of the tunnel, I would stand up, half my body in the car and half my body sticking out of the sunroof, and lift both my arms in the air. Then I would scream as we emerged from the tunnel and into the night air with David Bowie’s voice singing into the darkness. I would sit back down in the car and then say to my friends, “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite”. And then we would all laugh at how clichéd it all was! Unfortunately I don’t think the police would be very pleased with our antics…


Daily Prompt: Being Rushed!

Daily Prompt: Tell us about a situation where you’d hoped against all hope, where the odds were completely stacked against you, yet you triumphed. Be sure to describe your situation in full detail. Tell us all about your triumph in all its glory.

This isn’t exactly the most inspiring story but it was definitely a great achievement for me!

I’ve mentioned McFly’s Tenth Anniversary concert before in another Daily Prompt. It took place last September at the Royal Albert Hall in London, which meant that my two friends and I had to travel from Nottingham to London and then back again at the end of the night.

Getting there went surprisingly smoothly and we arrived at the Royal Albert Hall with ten minutes to spare. We screamed our way through McFly’s performance and practically jumped off the balcony when Busted made their surprise performance! It was absolutely incredible…to put it lightly.

Once it had finished, we had to make our way from the concert and to St Pancras station within about half an hour – that’s difficult when over five thousand other people are trying to do the same thing. We slalomed/half sprinted our way through the hundreds of other concert-goers along about a mile of street, then fought our way through the annoyed looking business people who crowded the tube station. We leapt onto the underground train just as it was about to leave and then spent the next fifteen or so minutes with our faces squashed up against the doors. We had five minutes to get to our train from the underground – that involved running up two sets of elevators, down another set, realising we had to go up again, going in the wrong direction… and then finally finding our train!

The relief was amazing as we sat down in our plush seats with just thirty seconds to spare. It was about 12 o’ clock and we were shattered. So then of course I had a Starbucks coffee and was wide awake for the rest of the journey! I think I’d earned it though- that was the most exercise I’d done in a month!


Daily Prompt: Being Reminded!

Daily Prompt: A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.

I have a few songs I could write about here – most of them McFly songs from their tenth anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London! But I decided to go for the song that takes me back a couple of years ago to when I took part in a German exchange.

My German partner, (who was one of the nicest people I have ever met!), was shocked when my friend and I said that we had never heard of this song before in our lives. Apparently it was in the charts in practically every other country apart from Britain!

The song is Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Telo.

Whenever I listen to this song now, it reminds me of walking down a German street in the evening, seeing the sun set behind the houses and wearing only a t-shirt because it was twenty-four degrees in March, (I live in England so this rarely happens!) My friend and I were helping our German partners and a few others set up a party that we were having the next night. As we were helping out, the song came on and our partners couldn’t believe that we had never heard of it before. So they took us outside into the car park and preceded to teach us both the words and the dance to it.

The next night at the party, the song came on several times and after my friend and I had taught all our English friends the dance, every single person on that exchange was dancing to it in a huge circle – I would love to transport back to that time!


Daily Prompt: Being a Dancer!

Daily Prompt: In my earliest memories of dancing, I’m under my auntie Nancy’s dining room table, (which had been pushed off to the side of the room), watching my mom, dad, aunties, and uncles all dancing on the hardwood floor to a never-ending stack of 45 records, dropping one after the other. I remember foot-high stacks of 45s all around the record player. The song that I remember playing most? Twistin’ the Night Away by Sam Cooke. Every time I hear that song, I remember auntie’s spontaneous dance parties. What are your earliest and fondest memories of dance?

I used to do ballroom dancing once every week from the age of about four. I remember wearing a black glittery dress with sparkly silver dancing shoes and every session somebody would win ‘Best dancer of the week’ award. Once, I was sitting on the wooden floor of the community centre after that weeks dancing session and all of a sudden the elderly couple who ran it called out my name. I didn’t think I would ever win the award so I just continued to sit there. They read my name out again and I remember being so thrilled that I had actually one it for the week!


Daily Prompt: Being Musical!

Daily Prompt: Have you ever played in a band? Tell us all about that experience of making music with friends. If you’ve never been in a band, imagine you’re forming a band with some good friends. What instrument do you play in the band and why? What sort of music will you play?

I have played in a band before – not a guitar-wailing, bass-thumping, drum-crashing band like that, but one of those classic bands you’re likely to see at summer fairs.

I started playing the trumpet when I was about seven or eight, because my Grandad taught me how to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, and then took me to my first music lessons. This carried on for the next nine years or so!

One summer, my Grandad told me I could play next to him in one of the bands he’s involved in – so I did! It was quite an ‘english’ affair, with the band playing in the background in front of a grand house and white stalls selling tea and scones with a tombola. It was all very lovely, (even if I was only pretending to play on half of the songs!), and afterwards a nice old man bought me a huge scone with cream and jam.

I was a bit overwhelmed with it all at the time!


Daily Prompt: Being Flattering!

Daily Prompt: Publish a post in the style of a favourite author/blogger or photographer.

These photos are inspired by the black and white photographs of Tom Leishman.

DSCN0551 (2)

DSCN1827 (2)

DSCN1818 (2)

DSCN1711 (2)